Connect With Your Child Again

Connect With Your Child Again

We conduct family interventions in the Shreveport, LA area the right way

Family functional therapy can bring stability back into your home, and your child’s life. Pelican Bayou Counseling Agency Inc. will develop a strong support system within your family, so your child will feel safe seeking help from you in the future.

This short-term program spans five months and usually focuses on youths aged 11-18. To learn more about Pelican Bayou’s family functional therapy program in the Shreveport, LA area, call (318) 861-8938 today. We’ll assess your situation to determine whether our services are right for you.

Family therapy with flexibility

Pelican Bayou’s therapy programs have high success rates because of our personalized approach and dedicated staff. We adapt our therapy to your child’s needs by:

  • Conducting sessions in a variety of locations for ease of access
  • Working with welfare facilities and parole offices
  • Building a foundation of acceptance and respect

Speak with an experienced healthcare professional today to learn how Pelican Bayou can help your family. We have offices in Baton Rouge and Shreveport, LA.