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We provide mental health services in the Shreveport, LA area

Behavioral and mental health issues can be hard to recognize, and even harder to deal with. If you're worried about your child, you're not alone. Many parents in the Shreveport area are asking the same questions you are. Pelican Bayou Counseling Agency Inc. has answers.

To learn more about our mission and behavioral health care, visit the About Us page. We're dedicated to helping families like yours find the right behavioral health care services in the Shreveport, LA area. We also have locations in Minden, LA and Baton Rouge, LA.

Pelican Bayou Counseling Agency is committed to delivering person-centered services throughout the organization. Being person-centered means that all individuals supported by Pelican Bayou Counseling Agency have positive control over the lives they desire and find satisfying; they are recognized and valued for their contributions (current and potential) to their communities; and are supported in a web of relationships, both natural and paid, within their communities. All services are driven by the person served.

We have had our office professionally cleaned, and we are taking the necessary safety precautions, such as checking temperatures, wearing our masks, and disinfecting our offices everyday

Superior treatment for your child

Pelican Bayou specializes in providing mental health care for children in the Shreveport, LA area. We have a full 3 year accreditation through Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (Carf International).We offer a variety of personalized services, including:

  • Mental health rehabilitation, to restore your child's functionality and well-being
  • Family functional therapy, to support your family as a whole
  • Crisis intervention, to help your loved one through a psychiatric crisis

Visit the Crisis Intervention page to learn more about our mental health rehabilitation, family functional therapy or crisis intervention services in the Shreveport, LA area. We offer mental health care for children, and can give your child the help they need to move forward. We also have a location in Minden and Baton Rouge, LA

Designed to fit your schedule

All Pelican Bayou services are designed to work around your family's needs and schedule. We offer mental health care for children and families. We work with the following healthcare providers:

Louisiana Health Connect

United Healthcare

Amerihealth Caritas

Healthy Blue

Aetha Batter Health

Magellan Health
To learn more about how our services work, visit the FAQ page now. Once you're ready to start a program, Pelican Bayou healthcare professionals will be there to help.