Do I have to travel to different places to get signed up?

Pelican Bayou Counseling Agency keeps everything in house. We have our own in office Doctor and Licensed Professional Counselors dedicated to making sure you get the treatment you deserve.

How much does it cost?

Pelican Bayou Counseling Agency is absolutely free. Clients must have Medicaid. In order for you qualify for our services you must have a diagnosis by our Licensed Professional Counselors.

What if I don't have transportation?

We can arrange for you to get transportation for assessments.

How often do you guys come out?

We have masters and bachelors counselors who will be coming out to see you at least 3 times a week. Some clients may need fewer or more visits but the agency will cater to each client as needed.

How long will my child be in services?

Every case is based on the individual client.

Do you guys go to my child’s school?

Yes, as long as the legal guardian signed the proper release forms.